Varianti regionali

Regional shapes

Ravioli made with two sheets of pasta are known with different names in their regional variations; here are the most common:

Agnolotti Pavesi

The Agnolotti Pavesi (in Pavia dialect also known as "agnulot or" agnolot ") is a shape of a typical stuffed egg pasta from Oltrepò Pavese, area located in the southern Lombardy, in the province of Pavia.

These agnolotti have a filling made of Pavese stew; they can be served dry, with sauce made with Pavese stew, or in broth. It's a typical dish of the Christmas tradition.

Agnolotti Piemontesi

The "Agnolotti Piemontesi" (known more simply as "agnolotti") is a stuffed pasta specialty typical of Piedmont and, in particular, of the Monferrato area (provinces of Asti and Alessandria), but has spread throughout the region. The classical format is the 28 millimeters with round filling, but also the version of the same size with the square filling pocket is very popular.

Compared to other stuffed pasta specialties of the rest of Italy, the "Agnolotti Piemontesi" feature is the use of roast meat for the filling


Anolini are a typical stuffed egg pasta specialty of the Piacenza province (in the Piacenza dialect are called "anvëin" or "anvén") and also popular in the Parma province (in the Parmigiano dialect are called "anolén").

In the Piacentino area the filling is made from a base of beef stew, which replaced the horse meat and pork used in the past. In Val d'Arda is instead popular another variation, where the filling is made up exclusively of Grana Padano and very seasoned breadcrumbs.


The casoncelli (Casonsèi in Lombard dialect) are a typical filled pasta specialty in Lombardy, particularly popular in the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia.

The recipe includes multiple local variations, but with some inevitable basic ingredients; the filling consists of meat, grated parmesan cheese and herbs, while the pasta has the shape of a crushed half moon. Everything is spiced with plenty of grated parmesan cheese, butter, bacon and sage. It's also popular the version made with a single sheet of pasta.


The pansoti, called "pansoti" in the Ligurian dialect, or even pansotti (from Ligurian "pansa", in Italian "belly"), are a typical stuffed pasta specialty from Liguria, similar to ravioli, but smaller and without meat in the filling.

The pansoti in walnut sauce are one of the cheapest and typical dishes of the Genoese tradition. They are made either with a triangular or an half-moon shape.


The Seada (also known as sebada, seatta and Sevada in Sardinian language) is a typical specialty from Sardinia based on semolina and cheese, with honey or sugar used as a condiment.

Although not strictly a ravioli (seadas have to be fried and not cooked in water), the product is made with double sheet ravioli machines; the most popular measure has a diameter of 110 millimeters.

Tortelli Maremmani

The Tortelli Maremmani is a type of stuffed egg pasta very popular in the Maremma (in Tuscany), in the province of Grosseto.

The tortelli, as they are commonly called, have the shapes and sizes completely different from the Tortelli Emiliani, being of dimensions even bigger than those of ravioli; the most popular shapes are the rectangular 70 x 50 millimeters, or the square 70 millimeters. The filling is made from ricotta, cooked spinach, nutmeg, a pinch of salt and optionally grated pecorino.